Research and Informatics
University Libraries, Virginia Tech

What We Do

We help Virginia Tech researchers create, publish,
and preserve
new knowledge
in new ways.

The Research and Informatics division of the University Libraries supports the education and research missions of Virginia Tech through our expertise in informatics, the art and science of managing information digitally.

Our services include hosting scholarly journals, advising on copyright issues, helping faculty and graduate students publish their work in open access publications, creating open educational resources such as textbooks, supporting digital work in the humanities, helping produce data management plans, maintaining open online preservation repositories for Virginia Tech's research data and scholarly output, developing technology, partnering on grant projects, and consulting on many issues related to the wide information landscape of scholarship in the digital age.

The black and white background image on this page is a photograph of a woman at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute Computer Center in 1980. It was digitized and put online by the Libraries in the 1990s.

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